Photovoltaic (PV) Panels & Battery Storage 

Photovolatic (PV) panels offer an entirely renewable energy solution to provide electricity to your domestic or commercial building. 

Converting the Sun’s radiation, in the form of light into useable electricity, every one kilowatt (1KW) of PV panels is able to generate between 740 and 1,130 kilowatt hours per year (kWh/year) when installed at the optimum orientation and inclination, depending on the location within the UK.   

This is considerably more efficient than using electricity from the national grid which produces 0.568 kilograms or carbon emission for every kilowatt KG/CO2/KWH of electricity generated. Every kilowatt of PV installed therefore saves between 420 and 642 kilograms of carbon emissions being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Once installed, the renewable electricity generated that is self-consumed is free as it avoids the need to purchase it from an energy supplier. The reduced requirement for grid electricity therefore minimises the impact of future electricity price fluctuations. 

Battery storage is the ideal companion to a PV system to maximum the self-consumption of the renewable electricity generated by temporarily storing it until it is required. 

Please contact us if you would like us to design and install a PV system for you.  

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